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Short story excerpt! with editing notes

Some people think I’m a ghost, some a grandchild, some a lover, some a grandmother. If ever there was a saying more applicable to me, it would be “There is nothing permanent except change.” From a wise fellow named Heraclitus. Well, change and a grand piano.
The music that to this day lilts off those aged and yellowed keys floods its way through every backwards chapter of my life, linking me to who I am and where I’ve been; what has passed and in what order. I can still hear my rambunctious plugging of the keys when they were yet pristine in their youth. I was a child then, when I first laid eyes on my piano.
It was a gift from my affluent mother, over two hundred and ninety years ago, when the piano was just nearly invented. It is the fourth Cristofori, the undiscovered child of a long dead Italian man who nearly single handedly fashioned the piano into existence.
I remember its sweet sound flourishing through the air, coloring the moment with a palpable mood that could be shared between listeners as accurately as word. I could feel the song twirling around my fingertips, rising up to caress my skin with its welcome touch. I heard it in my bones, felt it in the unmapped regions of my heart.
Even the yellow light of the inexperienced, crisp morning could not compare in vibrancy to the melodies rising off those Cristofori keys.
That day I was eighteen, though truly I was around six years old. I remember the way my body looked during those couple months the age lasted, graceful and dewy and beautiful. It was the first time my ‘gift’ had lighted upon the loveliness of adult youth, and I was much too young in my head to really appreciate it…

Para 1 edit: i hate sentence one. Its too uninteresting to me, and drawn out. Would shorten.
Para 2: for some reason i'm obsessed with this paragraph. no idea why. no edits though. yay prose stuffs! :D
para 3: this paragraph was designed to intrigue, and get the readers attention. Who is old enough to have recieved a gift two hundred and ninety years ago?
para 4: more prose designed to show the reader how much my character loves the piano, and what it truly means to her. in this paragraph i'm trying hard to put you in her shoes.
Last para: this one is also designed to capture your attention. Its intended to be confusing so that the reader will continue reading to figure out what it is i'm even talking about.


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